Guide for Authors

Text Formatting: 

1- Writes the title of the search in "Times New Roman" font, size "14", "Bold", all letters are capitalized, and in the middle of the page "" Center
2- Writes the authors' names in "Times New Roman", bold, "12", in the middle of the "Center" page.
3- The authors' employer writes in "Times New Roman" font, size "12", with the writing set to "justify".
4- The word “ABSTRACT and headlines are written in capital letters” in “Times New Roman”, size “12”, in the middle of the page “Center” and the body of the search shall be written in “Times New Roman”. Size "12", with type "justify" set, with "1.5 Space".
5- The numbering and the numeral is at a distance of 0.5 from the beginning of the line
6- The first line of each paragraph is at a distance of 0.8 from the beginning of the line

7- Research manuscripts should comprise:

  1. Front matter: Title, Author list, Affiliations, Abstract, Keywords
  2. Research manuscript sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions (optional).
  3. Back matter: Supplementary Materials, Acknowledgments, Author Contributions, Conflicts of Interest, References.

8- Author list includes authors’ full names followed by current positions;
9- "ABSTRACT" in the search language, provided that the number of words is not less than 150 and not more than 250, and keywords of 5 to 6 words at the end of the abstract page

10- Reference list entries should be alphabetized by the last names of the first author of each work. Please alphabetize according to the following rules: 1) For one author, by name of the author, then chronologically; 2) For two authors, by name of the author, then the name of coauthor, then chronologically; 3) For more than two authors, by name of first author, then chronologically. Do not use footnotes or endnotes as a substitute for a reference list.

  • Journal article

Chen, Y.; Klein, S. L.; Garibaldi, B.T.; Li, H.; Wu, C.; Osevala, N.    M.; Li, T.; Margolick, J. B.; Pawelec, G. and Leng, S.X. (2021) Aging in COVID-19: Vulnerability, immunity and intervention. Ageing Res Rev. Jan; 65:101205. doi: 10.1016/j.arr.2020.101205. Epub 2020 Oct 31. PMID: 33137510; PMCID: PMC7604159.

Ideally, the names of all authors should be provided, but the usage of “et al” in long author lists will also be accepted:

Smith, J.; Jones, M. J.; Houghton, L. et al (1999) Future of health insurance. N Engl. J. Med. 965:325–329

  • Article by DOI

Slifka, M. K. and Whitton,  J. L. (2000) Clinical implications of dysregulated cytokine production. J Mol Med.

  • Book

South J, Blass B (2001) The future of modern genomics. Blackwell, London

  • Book chapter

Brown B, Aaron M (2001) The politics of nature. In: Smith J (ed) The rise of modern genomics, 3rd edn. Wiley, New York, pp 230-257

  • Online document

Cartwright J (2007) Big stars have weather too. IOP Publishing Physics Web. Accessed 26 June 2007

  • Dissertation

Harris, L. (2014). Instructional leadership perceptions and practices of elementary school leaders [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. University of Virginia.

Publication fees for Egyptians
1. Technical support and reviewing: 1,700 L.E.
2. Publication charges: up to 20 pages; 2000 L.E. More than 20 pages. Additional 50 L.E. per extra page).
3. Article formatting: 20 L.E. per page.
Publication fees for non-Egyptians
1. Technical support and reviewing: 150 U$ dollars.
2. Publication charges: 450 U$ dollars.