Economic and environmental obstacles For honeybee industry in Egypt Field Study

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ain shams


The honey bee industry is considered one of the oldest insect industries known to the ancient man. In ancient times, honey bees were defined as the economic insect, and that is due to its many products that contribute to building human food and intervene in its treatment, and in terms of agriculture, honey bees also contribute to increasing the yield of plants and that by the pollination process.

This study presents the economic, environmental and social importance of the honey bee industry, which provides job opportunities within the community, where honey bees are considered among the projects that do not require large capital and have a quick return, and enjoy economic importance because of their many and many products, some of which are included in therapeutic medical preparations And food products, in addition to what bees provide in achieving sustainable development by providing job opportunities and eliminating unemployment, as honey bees help improve livelihoods and achieve sustainable income for low-income people that can contribute to promoting social and economic inclusion and institutional development.


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