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1 Post graduate student at Institute of Environmental Studies & Research, Ain Shams University

2 Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University

3 Food Safety Authority

4 Institute of Environmental Studies & Research Ain Shams University


The aim of the current research is to uncover the pattern of nutrition and its relationship with cognitive abilities and social behavior in an early childhood child. The researchers have relied on the descriptive comparative approach to its known limits, and the study sample consisted of (150) children from early childhood, whose ages ranged between (3 -) 6 years, and The researchers used some tools that included the child's initial data form (preparation / researcher), the feeding pattern form (the researcher's preparation), the physical measurements form for the child from (3-6) years (preparation / researcher), the cognitive ability scale and it includes (the attention scale) Child), (Child Perception Test) (Preparation / Researcher)
The results of the research concluded that the education of parents has a significant effect on the degree of the characteristics studied in the research (attention and perception) of the child, and it was evident that there is a significant effect of proteins on the degree of attention of children at this age to the sample of the study, while it was not clear that there were differences between the averages. Male and female degrees for all studied traits (attention - perception) of the child.
The research recommended Educating families about the importance of observing the food culture in preparing foods and establishing proper food habits adopted by family members and correcting the wrong ones, Al-Nabatiyeh, it is necessary to provide children with meals with a high protein content, Spreading food awareness through simple and accessible media programs that address all cultural levels to clarify the importance of balanced food for the family in general and for children in particular, and supervising the material presented in these programs by experts and specialists in the field of nutrition, Establishing simplified educational programs for early childhood children to encourage them to eat foods high in nutritional value, given the great importance of this age group and Paying attention to the nutritional education of family members, especially with regard to the ingredients and quantities of proper food, emphasizing proper food habits and trying to modify harmful food habits.  


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