Document Type : Review Article


1 Faculty of Girls, Ain Shams University

2 Department of Tourism and Hotels, Sheraton Institute

3 Yanbu Tourism Company


The study deals with the social and economic handicaps domestic tourism, Tourism is the most important Egyptian national income sources, especially their contribution as a source of foreign currency on the one hand and the reduction of unemployment and provide job opportunities on the other hand, which made the subject of a study of domestic tourism importance in general to face the constraints faced by, the study by reading the theoretical perspectives that address the social and economic constraints affecting domestic tourism to figure out ways to activate this kind of tourism activity in terms of enriching the economic side and the promotion and employment on the one hand and the definition of citizen effects of his country and its heritage and natural and national wealth, on the other hand to support belonging to the homeland. The researcher used the descriptive analytical approach and tools were the questionnaire and interview.
As for the field of spatial researcher Sharm El-Sheikh was chosen as one of the tourist cities, and for the field of human was a sample of customers in hotels with the assistance of a number (100) single distributed as follows (60 clients from different categories, and (40) Single from hotel personnel, and the trend is theoretical which is the starting point of the study is the functional constructivism.
-     The most important Altnaij clarified by statistical analysis of the following:
-     That the most important constraint is the high cost of domestic tourism, compared to tourism in some countries in the region.
-     Declined the treatment of Egyptian tourists compared to the level of the foreign counterpart.
-     The lack of a clear strategy for domestic tourism in spite of its importance.
-     Lack of awareness and lack of information provided to the Egyptian tourist places which can had, and price plans.
-     One of the main recommendations follows:
-     The study recommends the development of public attention and a comprehensive strategy for Tourism Activity in order to achieve the objectives of this activity and help growth.
-     Attention to the necessity of tourism and hotel pricing of services commensurate with the economic situation of the Egyptian citizen and encourage domestic tourism.
-     Develop a deliberate outreach programs can access for all segments of citizens, including citizens are encouraged to do domestic tourism.

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